Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Join us as we prepare for the Dash for the 'Stache!!!

Greetings 'Stache fans!

Welcome to our journey to collectively run 52.8 miles (we're each running a half-marathon) and raise at least $15,000 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) by January 2013!

Crazy undertaking?  Maybe, but it's also a venture that is bringing us closer together as a family and allowing us to be a part of our loved ones battles against cancer by helping in the best way we can: running for health and to raise money that will go toward vital research that has led to great advancements in the fight against all types of cancer.

At first, the thought of this was extreme for my husband and I - both the running and the hurdle of raising so much money was such a daunting task.  But after many discussions with each other and our cousins, and after researching blood cancer further, and after having so many amazing, strong people in our lives understand the battle of cancer all too well, we decided it was worth it.  

The running has been a blast (it's really great to actually get up early, get the blood flowing, and feel the autumn sun rise through the fog on Saturday mornings!) and the creative problem solving that is vital to effective fundraising has been a wonderfully challenging and fun task as we work together as a family.  

We'll continually update this blog with news on fundraising events and to take you through our journey as we run and collaborate toward a cure!!  Your support means EVERYTHING!!!!

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