Friday, November 9, 2012

An 8-Mile Track List

We're getting closer and closer to the January event and the Baltimore half of Team Dash has been ramping up their long distance training runs!

This weekend Tony and Adj (yours truly) will be running along the NCR Trail north of the city for 8 MILES!

Yes, you read that right the first time.

People often ask what we do on these long runs, especially now that these outings can be well over an hour in length!

Mostly, Tony and I take in the scenery - autumn in the D/M/V (that's DC/Maryland/Virginia for the unfamiliar) is breathtaking in terms of foliage and occasional temperature drops.

But, really, there's only so much green Tony & Adj can take and conversation can be difficult to maintain when you're trying to catch your breath, so I'm a fan of playlists. Tony has a shuffle and I have a Droid, so it's easy enough to keep some tunes on hand as the miles pile on.

So here for you, loyal Dasher, are some of our recommendations for an 8-mile Track List:

(That last one is particularly good for HIIT intervals...)

Really, anything that has a good tempo is useful. If you're looking for something to distract you while you're hitting the pavement, we suggest plugging into some podcasts:

So lace up and plug in (not too loudly! You need to be aware of your surroundings, people.) and we'll see you on the asphalt!

Adj & Tony
(Team Dash - The Baltimore Edition)

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